Discover The Universe of You


Dear amazing woman, I want to welcome you to Discover The Universe of You. This is like no other program out there for a total health makeover. This is where I want you to lay down any feelings of overwhelm or confusion at the door.


It's time for a whole new thought process around food, you and your life so that you can finally live the life that you really deserve, doesn't that sound amazing?


Firstly does any of this sound familiar to you?


  • You are totally overwhelmed and confused about what to eat, should you be gluten free, low fat, high fat, high protein, fasting?

  • You are tired of feeling stressed and would love to feel energized, empowered and just really good in your own skin

  • You have bounced around from this program to that program but somehow not one of them has really been the solution

  • You have surfed enough of the internet, researched and researched only to see that the information out their is so conflicting that you just don't know what direction to go in

  • You are actually so tired and fed up of hearing that this new program is the answer or the next faddy quick fix

  • You want to have an awesome relationship with food once and for all and get off the dieting roller coaster and just live a normal healthy and happy life


Truth don't need another "plan" you need support and this is how it will be when you work with me.


We take an in-depth exploration into "The Universe of You" and take a look at works for your individual and unique needs and body.


We actually get to the root of the problem and find out whether you have digestive issues, food intolerances, thyroid issues etc. I use nutritional therapy and clinical nutrition with functional medicine tools to explore the inner landscape of you.


Are you an emotional eater, we have that covered to.


This program is way more than just about food it also encompasses everything to do with the body, mind and soul.


Now is the time to do something different


You Deserve to Have Great Health and a Life You Love


Once you have been taught these timeless health principles you will be armed with knowledge and wisdom for the rest of your life. You will be able to share it with your family and loved ones.


If you are ready to look deeply into the wisdom of your body and track down what you need to do to feel your ultimate best  - i'm your girl.


I have coached and worked with hundreds of clients with challenges that range from high cholesterol, high blood pressure to being overweight and having disordered eating patterns.


This program is a 3 month program  and will bring about a massive leap that helps you make major health changes in your life , then this is the option for you. 


This program encompasses everything that I have and is a program that I custom tailor to you to help you meet you and your body's needs.



Journey Through The Universe of You Using the Seven Systems of Health

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Here's How It Works

This program is a three month program. We have twelve sessions weekly and you must carve out time to take part.The first session is our deep and purposeful delve into your story this session can last for up to 75minutes. Each session after that will be an hour.


Before we meet there will be some forms for you to fill in. We take a full health history with a symptom questionairre followed up with a Food and Spirit  questionairre pertaining to the seven systems of health within your body.


I will take you by the hand work with you on your health goals and you will finally be free from worrying about any new fad's that come out, you won't even need to give them a second look.


I then weave together the perfect program that melds perfectly with you and your lifestyle, all the while being framed by the seven systems of health. 


You will also receive a functional medicine prescription if needed pertaining to the symptoms that come up. This is a highly targeted supplementation program that is designed to support you on your healing journey.


I will also introduce you to the low GL system of eating as taught by Patrick Holford who has authored over thirty books and who also founded The Institute of Optimum Nutrition in the UK. 


There will be no more worrying about the next fad diet that hits the shelves as you will be on the correct path for the rest of your life. Phew what a relief!



Let Me Introduce You to The Seven Systems of Health

The seven systems of health are based on the work of Dr Deanna Minich called Food and Spirit. I am very proud to say that I am a certified Food & Spirit practitioner and that Dr Deanna Minich is one of the most amazing women in science and nutrition that I know.


This work helps us to look at you as a WHOLE person. I don't just look at what is going on in your body or what foods you are eating but  rather to look at the whole you as a multi faceted human being made up of  7 Aspects.


Gathered from the ancient traditions these 7 Aspects have been named ROOT, FLOW, FIRE, LOVE, TRUTH, INSIGHT, and SPIRIT. Each is represented by colours.



This system is structured so that we can tap into your 7 aspects and fan into flame your inner potential.


This encompasses the scientific, logical and nutritional aspects of food as much as the spiritual, creative and symbolic connections with food.


There is so much more to food than we actually realize and in the 21st century we are learning to step out of just having the science of nutrition but also nourishment for the whole self.


Nourish Your Whole Self


More awake, more alive, more nourished.
More complete.

You can step into a version of yourself that encompasses the full spectrum of who you really are, and what you’re here to do.




Let's Journey Through These Seven Aspects Together


The Root

Colour Red


most core principles when it comes to eating is
to know your body and to be in touch with your
sense of instinct.

All too often we look to books on “how to eat” to tell us what we need. We might ask the wait staff at a restaurant what to order. Since most people are out of touch with their bodies, it
may be difficult for them to know what, how, and
when to eat.

Try to get in touch with listening to
your body by observing its natural rhythm rather
than your intellectually-imposed rhythm.

We begin your journey at the  Root. This is where we look at your family history, protein, minerals and introduce you to some delicious red foods for healing. 


The Flow

Colour Orange

Within the grounded structure of the physical body, there is an energy that is dynamic and flowing, which is often associated with emotions and creativity. Indeed, we need to let “e-motions” (energy in motion) move through our physical body so they do not stagnate in any one place to create symptoms or disease.

Issues relating to food and emotions are very much intertwined. In fact, it has been estimated that over 75% of overeating can be attributed to emotions. When we feel out of control with our ability to process emotions, we may feel tempted to stuff them down with food to feel a sense of temporary comfort.

Since emotions are intimately enmeshed with our creative spirit, it helps to tap into this force, so that our emotions can surface
and release. 


We move from the Root into the Flow aspect. This is our emotions, our creativity and where we look at the fats and oils that you consume,movement, relationships and we introduce delicious orange foods.


The Fire

Colour Yellow

We live in a power-hungry, stress-filled society that is always expecting more and more of us. Our ability to maintain balance in the midst of chaos becomes increasingly difficult when demands and responsibilities begin to pile high.

We try to accommodate and stay in control by saying “yes” when we really mean “no,” and after a short while, we feel burdened with life and everyday events become drudgery. Finally, we collapse in utter exhaustion.

When there is an excessive amount of energy being taken in, there may be an inability to integrate this energy with the self.

Often, the imbalance manifests as conditions that represent stagnation and blocks, including weight gain in the abdomen or metabolic issues like type 2 diabetes, particularly when
the individual takes in energy and cannot balance the intake with the output. 

The fire of our potential burns within us as confidence and empowerment. We look into complex carbohydrates that are low in glycemic impact to give you that lasting energy that you deserve. This aspect is also the seat of our self esteem.

The Love

Colour Green

There is no greater food than love. Human beings thrive on it. We feed ourselves with symbols of the heart plastered on t-shirts, bumper stickers, books, and cards. In several cultures, food is used to show love.
The message being delivered on many levels is that if we care about someone, we share food with them, whether preparing it for them, serving it, or even eating with them. Frequently, love travels through the conduit of food.

Also, we may overlook love for ourselves, but it is through the act of eating that we show we value and love our bodies. Religious traditions have used the phrase, “Your body is your temple.” Indeed, loving and caring for ourselves implies providing our bodies with quality nourishment. The heart is the inner
fulcrum that aligns to our eating experience. 


Aah the Love aspect.....scientific studies show that the heart generates its own electromagnetic field, which can be altered through different emotional states. In this aspect we look at your self care practices, leafy greens and foods that are filled with heart healthy fats.

The Truth

Colour Aquamarine

As human beings, one of our unifying gifts is to express ourselves. The vehicle of the voice is one of the most impactful means of communication we are capable of. After all, we cannot fully release the chaotic, raw thoughts and emotions that arise within us without being able to speak, write, or communicate in some way.

Therefore, our throat becomes a “birth canal” for the passions and feelings of the heart. It is important to be true to ourselves in all aspects of our lives, even when it comes to foods, eating, and our health. If we can’t say “no”, we may find ourselves in a predicament where we must eat certain foods that don’t benefit our
bodies, minds, or spirits.

The expression energy held in the throat area holds not only the physical structure of the throat, but the ears, mouth, nose, thyroid gland, lips, and cheeks; therefore, this space is essential for our connection to food. 

We are most authentic when we speak our truths aloud in the presence of others. When we make the best food choices for ourselves in every moment we are living a congruent message. This aspect is all about mindful eating and being true to yourself.

The Insight

Colour Indigo

When it comes to food and eating, many of us have lost sight of our inner wisdom about what to eat, how to eat, and how much to eat. By realigning with our true body and soul needs through listening to the higher, intuitive self, we will be apt to make good, true, and beautiful choices.

This part of us – our wise self – is our higher visionary self and uses the body organs of eyes, brain, and the coordination of the incredible network of hormones through the hypothalamus, and pituitary and pineal glands, through which we form a constellation with concepts of discernment, mindfulness, imagination,
symbolism, and self-realization.


This aspect is now the beginning of the mind body connection or body brain connection. Purple foods like berries, and spices like tumeric, protect the brain. Chocolate, red wine, and caffeinated drinks alter your moods and perceptions by influencing your neurotransmitters.

The Spirit Aspect

The Spirit

Colour Amethyst

Of course, the body, emotions, and mind are all facets of who we are as human beings. However, the overarching aspect of what animates us into motion at a deep level is the life force energy that invigorates every cell in our body.

Some people refer to this energy as cellular intelligence, chi, qi, prana, and some might contextualize this part of who we are as the “soul”. Ancient spiritual texts refer to this life force energy as what connects us to a greater, divine presence.

Often, this force is perceived as “electricity” in the body, and captured through the conduit of the central nervous system network of interlacing nerves threading through the spinal column out to every square inch of the body.

As individuals, we may think of ourselves as separate entities, and yet, there is a soul part of us that is not separate but integrated into all forms of life.

Through our communion with food within the body we are elevated to the level of the soul. A cleanse for example in which we eat pure, simple and light foods may put us into a state of being in tune with our soul's needs.

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