We Live in a World Where Treatment Rules Over Prevention


With regards to your overall health, you need to know that you’re not at the mercy of your genetic makeup and you don’t have to depend on prescription drugs for everything.

In addition, you can’t just rest on your laurels until finally something bad happens – it is advisable to take a preventative approach to your well being whilst dealing with any kind of concerns that have crept up. This is where nutrition and diet therapy can make a huge difference.

Medical doctors hardly ever talk about preventative medicine in depth but It’s not all a conspiracy, though. There’s not enough time to sit with a patient and look at a personalized plan – certainly not when you’re looking at a waiting room filled with sick patients.

Reliance on prescription medications is now prevalent – so much so that the Center for Disease Control, is currently giving warnings about excessive use of antibiotics.

Prescription medications are costly – regardless of whether you’re paying for them with your own money, or perhaps your insurance provider is actually paying for them. Sooner or later, it comes from your pocket through higher monthly premiums.

There are numerous ways to deal with and prevent disease.

Food is one resource. Healing your body (or even strengthening it) from within, can help you produce cells that can fight disease before they take hold within your body. There’s also alternative as well as holistic steps you can take to build your own treatment and healing plan. You may want a combination of natural as well as conventional disease prevention.

Nutrition is among one of the most powerful weapons you may have against disease - not to mention it is something that you are required to participate in every day
— Ali Jones

Nobody’s going to ask you to give up your favourite food forever.

Well ok if you have a food allergy or intolerance then they would.The secret is to include nutrients and optimize your food selection whenever you can so your cells have the opportunity to thrive and the harmful toxins in your body are flushed out so they can’t continue doing more harm.

The challenge is that many people don’t have the knowledge to know the best way to maintain good health and well being.

This is where nutritional therapy comes in as it is the very practical application of scientific, evidence based expertise using some of natures resources in a way to achieve a therapeutic (i.e. healing) response in your body.

Deficiencies can impact each and every system within your whole body, from the skin to your body’s immune system, nerve cells, your bones as well as the body’s hormones.

Your own tissues lose potency and efficacy as well as hormones that end up being weaker and are not able to get the job done. Your anxiety increases, fertility subsides, hair and skin become dry as well as dull.

Because the actual deficiency progresses, your emotions and moods suffer, sleep becomes challenging, or perhaps chronic exhaustion develops. Women experience period pains, heavy periods as well as PMS; teenagers acquire acne and also younger kids can become hyper.

The more time your immune system goes without correct nutrition, the less you are protected against various cancers.

Even cardiovascular disease can be triggered simply by B vitamin deficiencies, since they promote higher levels of cholesterol.


Time to Change Your Food? It’s Actually Not as Tough as you Think.

At this point you should have picked up that nutritional therapy typically calls for a change in dietary habits. If your diet regime is already very good, this might simply be a brief change to enable repairs to your digestive system as well as to your cells and organs.

If perhaps your existing dietary habits leave something to be desired, you might need some assistance with encouraging you to change them. Other people’s achievements are usually the greatest inspiration.

Actually if other people have got rid of distressing health or even skin problems, why can’t that be you?

If you are still unsure about what to do about your health concerns please book a call for a free no obligation twenty minute chat  so that you can get an idea about what it is like to work with me and to see if it would be a good fit for your situation.

Yes, Alison I would love to know what happens now, and what options I have

What is nutrition and diet therapy and exactly how does it work? How good you are feeling is dependent upon how adequately your whole body generates important enzymes, hormones as well as other substances, and eliminates waste products as well as toxins which might hinder your own inner biochemistry.

Nutritional therapy requires examining exactly what you need to get most of these tasks accomplished. Nutritional therapy is not at all about providing exactly the same treatment to everyone. Within nutritional therapy we discover which vitamins as well as foods you need to enable you to feel much better.

Additionally we determine whether or not any kind of particular foods are disagreeing to you and triggering your signs and symptoms.Two individuals together with similar signs and symptoms might have completely different requirements because everybody is genetically different, has got a history of consuming various foods and lives in different surroundings.

This is the reason why every person needs to be individually evaluated and given their very own nutritional therapy program according to these findings.

Nutritional deficiencies happen when you fail to take in sufficient foods abundant with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids as well as other essential ingredients. So I look at all of the above, I want to hear your story. 

We journey down this road together and I get my nutrition detective hat on and delve deep down into your condition, your lifestyle, your family history,I want you to feel heard  and know that someone is in your corner holding your hand.


What's Included

  • Three sessions in total every two weeks

  • Full Health and Family History

  • Food Diary Analysis

  • Blood Work Analysis

  • Personalized Eating Plan Unique To You

  • Functional Medicine Supplement Prescription Unique To You

  • Body Composition Analysis Every Appointment

  • Drug Nutrient Interactions Report

  • Latest Scientific Research Into Your Conditions

  • Health Coaching

Get in touch with me here and we will get back to you so that we can move forward with your health. Remember we can have a free chat to see if you feel that this would be a good fit for you either by skype,telephone or in person at my practise.

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