Are you serious about losing weight and  improving your health? 

Have you reached that point where something must be done?

Welcome to Ali's dynamic approach to weight loss using Patrick Holford's Low GL system. No More Confusion About How and What to Eat.

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nutrition counselling

Nutrition is among one of the most powerful weapons you may have against disease - not to mention it is something that you are required to participate in every day

nutritional therapy is the very practical application of scientific, evidence based expertise using some of natures resources in a way to achieve a therapeutic (i.e. healing) response in your body.



This total health makeover is Deeply Nourishing and  takes nutrition into the realm of “complete” nourishment.

Are you ready to experience the best of science and the art of healing?

We are going to journey through your seven systems of health. This is my signature program and is by application only. 



Are you JUST too busy to make regular classes or appointments and are completely time challenged.

If you cannot take part iN the group programs or even come and see me face to face then these courses are for you

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