Is weight gain due to fat or sugar? Talk to twenty people and they will most likely say the answer is fat that is worse for weight gain. Yet is it?

What Is Worse For Weight Gain. Is it Fat or Sugar?

Talk to twenty people and they will most likely say the answer is fat that is worse for weight gain. Yet is it? Since the 1980’s craze when low fat was all the rage, fat became the super villain that was to blame for our ever expanding waistlines.

A growing number of research is showing fat is not the perpetrator behind weight gain – it is sugar. But wait, how can that possibly be?

When you look solely by calorie content, fat has more than double the amount of energy per gram as sugar – nine compared to four. Therefore people attempting to lose weight hop on the low-fat or fat-free bandwagon to try to decrease their fat intake and also lose weight. The big mistake many of us make is that they link fat-free or low fat along with calorie free which is actually a huge mistake.

Companies which are producing the low-fat food items replace the fat with sugar along with other carbohydrate food to try to create flavour lost through taking out the fat and in doing so are adding in lots of calories.

However sugar does not satisfy us the way in which fat does, so people usually eat a lot of low fat food hoping to get satisfied and ultimately eat more than one serving. If you’re not nutrition label smart, you won’t know how many calories, and of which kind, you might be actually eating. This could certainly go toward your weight gain problems.

But not all fat is created equal. You will certainly need to reduce the quantity of saturated fats from animal foods you take in since it could possibly clog up your arteries and can at some point lead to heart disease and also strokes.

Toxins are stored in our fatty tissues and that of animals which is why I do not recommend some of the popular high fat diets, however your body requires some fat to be healthy and the right fats. For instance without having fat, your body would not reap the benefits of vitamins A, D, E and K since these vitamins are fat soluble rather than water soluble like the other vitamins.

So if you really need to maintain a healthy weight or even shed weight, and avoid weight gain in the future you need to reduce the quantity of carbohydrate calories, in particular the simple carbohydrates like the sugars, you consume, eat unsaturated fat in moderation instead of saturated, while increasing the quantity of healthy proteins you eat.

Protein assists in building strong muscles which will use-up more calories. This should help you keep your weight when you are at goal. As far as foods are concerned, concentrate on consuming more fruits and veggies, whole grain products, lean meats, nuts and seeds and stay away from sugars and saturated animal fats and this goes along way towards saving yourself from future weight gain.


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