Has Your Sweet Tooth Got The Better of You?

Has your sweet tooth got the better of you? We love to eat sugar in it’s many shapes and forms and you know what it is not your fault. However for many people it really is challenging to manage the quantity some people take in.


We love to eat sugar in it’s many shapes and forms and you know what it is not your fault. However for many people it really is challenging to manage the quantity some people take in. What typically happens is a person craves sugar so they eat something high in it such as a chocolate bar or a packet of sweets.

Typically the sugar releases endorphins within our brain and we feel happy and content – this is typically called the sugar rush. As the body rapidly produces insulin to use the simple carbohydrates, it often produces far too much too quickly, and then we begin to experience the sugar crash, typically twenty minutes or so later.

Because we desire that “feel good” feeling once again so we eat more sugar. Does a roller coaster come to mind?

The insulin level rises and the cycle repeats itself again and again and ….It’s no wonder that most of us end up thinking that we have a natural sweet tooth. The issue with this constant up-and-down cycle is that you simply will ultimately experience insulin resistance in which your body keeps needing much more insulin to handle the sugars.

Ultimately you will get to the stage where the body can’t create sufficient insulin and you’ll have Type 2 diabetes. The challenge even when we try to watch the sugar content of our food, is that is inadvertently  situated in much of the food we eat as an added sugar, therefore we don’t realize it is in there unless you are reading your nutrition labels. Label reading is a skill that I teach all of my clients to do so that they are equipped to manage shopping with health in mind.

Nevertheless it is possible to control that sugar monster in many of us.

Here are five top tips to reduce your sugar cravings and start to tame that sweet tooth of yours.


  • Eat a piece of low GL or low sugar fruit . The natural sugar will satisfy your craving for sugar, but you’ll also get major benefit of some fibre as well as nutrients – a complete win win situation in my book. Always add a handful of raw nuts with that fruit to keep your blood sugar balanced for longer.
  • Eat more frequently. Yes you read that right. When you eat five or six small meals during the day, your craving for sugar will decline. Always make sure to eat breakfast as this can set you up either to fail or succeed for the rest of the day. Just make sure that you make smart and healthy choices during the day.
  • Don’t deny yourself sugar. Now this sounds crazy but here me out. If you tell yourself in the beginning that you are not allowed sugar, the rebel inside of most of us starts to take over and your cravings will eventually win. Instead if you feel the need for some sugar, use xylitol or stevia in it’s place and if you really want some chocolate try having the very dark chocolate with around 70% coco. If you fnd that you have really bad chocolate cravings this can indicate that you are deficient in the magical mineral magnesium.
  • Introduce magnesium supplementation (approx 400mg) about thirty minutes before bed you will not only get a better nights sleep (magnesium is nature’s natural muscle relaxant) you might just kick those chocolate cravings into touch.
  • Last but not least, quit all at once and go cold turkey. This is difficult to do, but because sugar is an addiction, it may work just as well as it can for some other type of addictions. The first Forty eight to seventy two hours will be the toughest. Once you get past that, it gets less difficult and eventually your craving for sugar will be practically eliminated. You will need to continuously keep track of yourself though simply because much like with other addictions, it is easy to “fall off the wagon”.


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