What a High Sugar Diet Could Do To Your Health

Many of us consume an excessive amount of sugars through eating a high sugar diet and it is damaging our health and wellness. Generally people consume eighteen to twenty six teaspoons daily based on a daily diet of just 1800 to 2,600 calories. After analyzing the food diaries of some of my clients I have seen numbers up to the equivalent of  45 – 60 teaspoons of sugar. They often tell me they don’t eat a high sugar diet and are often amazed when I show them otherwise.

Eighteen teaspoons, is about two times what a man must have and three times that for a woman. To uncover the source of sugars you need to study nutritional labels. Food manufacturers conceal sugars within unsuspecting food items such as tomato sauce, biltong, frozen meals and breads. The list is endless. They are hidden everywhere.

Watch this quick little video from one of the world’s experts on sugar consumption Dr Robert Lustig. See if you are eating a high sugar diet.

Did you realize how many different names for sugar there actually were, so now when you read a food label you can actually see that there is more sugar in there due to the various names.


Furthermore a high sugar diet can lead to serious weight gain as well as cavities, and it can also trigger quite a few other chronic diseases. I have listed these in the order of prevalence in the world today as reported by the World Health Organization.

Heart Disease

Although sugar might not specifically cause cardiovascular disease, it brings about lots of the problems that result in heart disease. Obesity, elevated triglycerides and “bad” cholesterol LDL. Excessive triglycerides can build up in the liver and result in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – a potentially deadly condition.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is called the silent killer because it does not have warning signs or symptoms.That is why it is advisable to get your blood pressure checked regularly. For several years researchers believed too much salt caused high blood pressure. However recent reports have now demonstrated that it’s a high sugar diet which causes high blood pressure. This works via the hypothalamus gland within the brain causing the heart rate to speed up plus blood pressure to go up.

As a nutritional therapist I would highly recommend if you have high blood pressure that you still cut down on salt and sugar together.


Insulin plays a huge part in assisting the control of the duplication of cells. When it is continuously bombarded and having to break down too much sugar, it cannot protect you from out of control duplication of cells which is cancer. Cancer cells develop as well as multiply so quickly that they need large quantities of the sugar, glucose, to provide them the energy required for growth. You can see that a high sugar diet is not appropriate if cancer needs it for food.


When you consume food that contains considerable amounts of sugar, your blood sugar levels spike. The pancreas produces insulin to get rid of it . However as time passes, it requires increasingly more insulin to break down the same quantity of sugar. This is whats called insulin resistance. Eventually one’s body actually reaches a point in which the pancreas can’t produce sufficient insulin. This is Type 2 diabetes.

Suppressed Immune System

Did you know that table sugar and unsweetened juices can suppress the immune system. This can suppress the immune system by fifty percent for up to a period of five hours. Quite scary.
A number of numerous studies have  arrived at exactly the same conclusion, sugars could be the independent risk factor for most of today’s illnesses. Intake ought to be restricted no more than six teaspoons daily for women and nine teaspoon equivalents for men including the added sugars in foods – sugar that does not occur naturally.