The fresh flavour of pureed raspberries contrasts with the cool, richness of the porridge made with a dash of cream. This is certainly a different take on a morning breakfast classic.

Fresh Raspberry Porridge

The word porridge usually conjures up images of hot steamy cereal eaten to keep the cold at bay in the winter months. Well this raspberry porridge is different its much lighter and its eaten cold in summer. The flavour is fresh and natural and I have tweaked it with a little bit of nutrition magic to make it a healthy breakfast or dessert. Oats are great for helping reduce cholesterol levels and the raspberries are full of bioflavanoids.

The health-promoting effects of bioflavanoids include better eyesight, improved cardiovascular health, increased capillary strength, improved structure of connective tissues and appearance of skin, and a stronger immune system too.

Servings: 4 people

Time: 10 minutes


Juice of 1 fresh orange

225 g fresh raspberries

1 Tbsp xylitol

40 g porridge oats (certified gluten free)

450 ml low fat or skimmed milk

2 Tbsp cream

4 Tbsp low fat yoghurt



Put the raspberries, orange juice and xylitol into a blender and blend until it forms a smooth puree. You can sieve the blended raspberries but the seeds will then be lost, but might be better for fussy children.

Chill the puree in the fridge.

Put the porridge oats into a pan, add the milk and bring it to the boil whilst continuously stirring. Simmer for about three minutes then remove from the heat and leave it to cool slightly.

Transfer the porridge to a bowl and stir in the cream. Once the porridge is quite cold stir in the yoghurt.

Serve the porridge in small glass bowls topped with the raspberry puree and decorate it with a few whole raspberries.


Exercise and good eating go together, don't fall for those books that tell you otherwise